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We aim to inspire women everywhere to greatness and growth through the power of divine intercession.

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To build a Christian based shelter for the broken, battered, abused, and abandoned woman.

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From annual event lineup to news you can use, we provide interactive and engaging tools for everyday life.

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We welcome all the first time visitors to the website.

Welcome to HORIM (Haven of Rest Ministries International. We love visitors and while we welcome you, we are excited to invite you to come grow with us and be a vital part of our ministry. We are not a typical church, but rather a ministry for all to come and enjoy the supreme love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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A message of hope from our very own Pastor Peace Amba.

First of all, I welcome you to the site, and also encourage you to stop at one of our meetings if you are in the Houston area. We at HORIM (Haven of Rest International Ministries) have a mandate to expunge the deadly silence eating away at the happiness of women everywhere, and we aim to renew strength by the word.

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Begin your journey towards a new life with Haven Of Rest.

Some women feel the need to protect their families and surpress their burden inside as way of temporary solace while secretly hoping for a change. The burden eats them up inside till if affects everything in their daily lives. Speak up NOW and let's work together to meet your spiritual needs and help you grow in faith.

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